Family Portal

The Family Portal is specifically designed to help manage your loved ones care.  It is designed by caregivers to simplify the process of managing care and it encourages the participation of others. 


With the Family Portal you can:


  • Create a secure personal website with full control over what is displayed and who can access it.
  • Save time and money by communicating announcements via your Family Portal.  Family members get email alerts and can enter comments about the announcement.
  • The Journal is an electronic diary that allows you to track, categorize and share information on things like medications, hospital stays, health status as well as legal and financial information.
  • Use the calendar to track events such as appointments, meetings, family get togethers and caregiving schedules.
  • Upload and share important documents so that all family members have access to what they need when they need it.  This could be used to securely store estate plans, living wills, property lists or any other essential documents you need.
  • Create a contact list for all the people involved in your loved ones life such as dentists, financials advisors, or friends at church that want updates on your loved one.


The key to successfully managing care is information.  With the Family Portal, you can communicate quickly and easily with family and friends.  You no longer need to track information in a notebook at home, track it securely on-line and have access to it anytime you need it.   


Setting up and creating your own Family Portal is FREE.  It take only minutes to create a portal and invite others to join in and begin Sharing the Caring. 





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