Meditation Can Fuel Your Energy

by Senior Care Society on 08/13/2013 - 10:32 pm

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Think about the caregiving activities, tasks, and responsibilities that you pack into a single day. Can you check them off with ease, or are you feeling sapped of energy by mid-day?  Perhaps you are still waiting for your morning coffee to kick in and it never feels like it does.


If sustained energy is your goal, meditation may be a tool you'll want to keep close at hand. The key is developing a calm and peaceful state of consciousness that allows you to conserve energy that may otherwise be drained during the day. 


Until several years ago, meditation was not an activity that resonated with me.  I had difficulty engaging in an activity that I believed was a waste of time.  Basically, I had difficulty shutting down my mind chatter and was envious of those who found benefit in meditation.  


One day something changed.  I was offered the opportunity to meditate through a guided visualization provided by a colleague and yoga instructor. She carefully guided me through one of the most calming and energizing experiences of my life.  After that moment, I never turned down opportunities to meditate again.


A little over a week ago, Oprah and Deepak Chopra launched a free 21 day meditation challenge.  The energizing mindful moment messages come to my email in-box each morning and have provided me with a nice way to kick off my day. I have incorporated the centering and calming thoughts right after my breakfast as a way to peacefully transition into the activities of the day.  


If you are interested in exploring or taking part in the remaining two weeks of the 21 day meditation challenge, you can register for free by going here.  


Today's mindful moment message is, "My Loving Truth Shines for All to See." Share your light!


Practice Tip:   Set aside at least one brief 2-5 minute period per day to center yourself and relax. Even if you do not engage in any sort of meditation activity, you can still set aside a few minutes to listen to a favorite song and imagine yourself at a favorite place.  The best part is the cost of this activity is nothing but a little time and imagination. Try it - you just might like it.  


Happy Meditating!


Energetically yours,



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